The most common analogy is Dee’s Sigillum Dei Aemeth

New intense heptagram is usually known as Elven Star or the Faerie Star and has come commonly then followed from the Otherkin, individuals who believe they’ve been supernatural beings eg elves, fairies, otherwise dragons involved in person government.

Heptagrams and you may heptagons are commonly used in John Dee’s program away from Enochian angel secret, that is firmly grounded on groups of eight.


A great hexagram which have equidistant activities is different from inside the geometry whilst can’t be removed unicursally-in place of lifting and you will repositioning new pencil. Rather, overlapping one or two triangles versions hexagrams.

The new half dozen-indicated star was a beneficial mandala symbol found on south Indian Hindu temples, symbolizing just the right hypnotic condition of equilibrium. The newest six-indicated Star out of David presents God’s signal along the market, as well as in the Mormon chapel was represents Goodness reaching towards the human beings and you will human beings reaching towards the Jesus.

Unicursal Hexagram

Brand new points of your own unicursal hexagram, a half dozen-indicated celebrity which can be taken in you to definitely continuous movement, are not equidistant as well as the traces aren’t off equal duration (in lieu of a standard hexagram). It does, but not, match inside a circle with half a dozen circumstances coming in contact with the brand new circle.

The unicursal hexagram is frequently represented that have a beneficial five-petaled flower regarding heart, a mathematical type developed by Aleister Crowley and for the faith from Thelema. Placement a little pentagram throughout the hexagram’s heart is another type.

Enneagram from Overlapping Triangles

An enneagram are an excellent nine-directed superstar, have a tendency to of this a part from thought referred to as Fourth Ways, that was developed in the fresh 20th 100 years. Formed by the about three overlapping triangles, it will portray an effective trinity away from trinities, a symbol of holiness or religious achievement.

An enneagram will in addition be used as the symbolic of universal wholeness, with every part symbolizing an earth, whilst the 2006 downgrading off Pluto to an excellent dwarf entire world complicates such symbolization.

Baha’i Enneagram

As four-pointed superstar is the official icon of your Baha’i believe, the brand new 9-pointed star is frequently associated with faith and that is used once the user symbol toward its You.S. website. There is absolutely no practical style into the celebrity. It’s depicted right here made of around three overlapping equilateral triangles, but equally valid depictions can use often crisper otherwise shallower bases to the factors. The best orientation was section-right up.


A beneficial s. That it shows the brand new commitment out-of opposites, because area-up-and section-off pentagrams features her definitions. A beneficial pentagram is also represent the 5 facets, and a will portray the positive and you can down sides of all the sun and rain.


The number 12 has some possible definitions. This is the number of days in the year, representing an annual years and its completion and wholeness. It’s the amount of Jesus’ disciples, making it a common count inside Christianity, and also the completely new amount of Hebrew people, so it is popular when you look at the Judaism.

But a good several-sided contour most frequently is short for the fresh zodiac, which is divided into twelve cues. Those individuals a dozen cues are divided into four communities recognized by issue (three fire signs, about three liquid signs, etc.), thus a good dodekagram made up of four overlapping triangles (illustrated right here) performs such as well. An excellent dodekagram composed of several overlapping hexagons can be used in order to separate the latest zodiac icons from the male and female features.

The fresh direction off a great triangle are important to its definition. Point-right up triangles portray an effective foundation otherwise balance. World and liquid signs is actually formed away from point-upwards triangles; pointing up stands for new ascent so you can heaven. The purpose-upwards triangle also can depict men times, and you will flame and sky was masculine facets.

The newest heptagram is also depict free Senior Sites singles dating site the brand new 7 days of one’s few days. About Judeo-Religious framework, it can be a symbol of end, since the market was created in 7-day week.